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love one life streetwear

don't trash the earth tee in dark charcoal

don't trash the earth tee in dark charcoal

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Silkscreened heart logo on the chest of left and don't trash the earth on back with reverse weave sweater of 12oz.

The model who is 159cm wearing L size.


Organic cotton is cotton grown on farmland that

has not used chemical fertilizer or harmful pesticides 

for more than three years,

and is an environmentally friendly material.


100% organic cotton


  • 洗濯時は同系色と一緒に洗うようお願い致します。
  • プリント部分のアイロンの際は当て布をご使用ください。
  • 染料の性質上、摩擦や汗などによって色移りする可能性がございます。

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People are like a book, the longer we have a relationship with them, the better we get to know who they are, that’s what the inside of a book is like, then your outfit would be the cover of your own book and that could be the most important thing.

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